Should you Spay or Neuter??

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Should you Spay or Neuter??

Could not say it better myself..


Paws in the Park Dog Walk & Fest

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Looking for something to do April 23 from 12-4 pm?  Come join me at this years fundraiser for Montgomery County Humane Society. This year New Location will be at  Bohrer Park at Summit Hall Farm, 506 South Fredrick Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD.  Be sure to stop by Pork Chop’s Way booth for

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35 purebred Pomeranian’s/Chinese Crested Dogs coming to PAWS from Puppy Mill Bust

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..the dogs are currently being rescued, taken to the vet and evaluated for adoption. It’s turning out they are highly adoptable, very sweet and social. They are hoping to have them available  for adoption to a “forever home” around mid April. If you have ever thought of owning a “foo foo” dog and didn’t think you could afford it, this may be an opportunity. They are based in New England but willing to accommodate almost anywhere! Please Pass it on and if your interested, send a email to Kelly Parker,

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Evaluation of Behavior, Owner Attachment and Other Reasons for Relinquishment of Dogs to Shelters

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Study Results: Problematic Behaviors Lead to Break in Human–Animal Bond

Behavioral problems are a significant reason for relinquishment and euthanasia for millions of dogs. Studies have shown that many factors contribute to owners’ relinquishing their dogs to shelters, but there has been no comprehensive evaluation of ways factors combine and which factors have the strongest influence. The student showed that owners who relinquish their dogs were significantly less attached to their dog and rated their dog’s behavior lower than owners who kept their dog (continuing owners). Additionally, relinquishing owners were more likely than continuing owners to have added children to the household. Although there was no difference in the frequency of use of punishment-based collars in the relinquishing or continuing groups, the use of punishment-based training collars was associated with owners’ greater dissatisfaction with their dog’s leash walking and overall behavior. These findings implicate problematic behaviors as the cause of the break in the human–animal bond.

Jennifer Y. Kwan, University of California–Davis

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Research Provides Better Tools for Detecting and Managing Respiratory Infections in Shelter Dogs

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Canine influenza virus (CIV), a rapidly emerging threat to all dogs, is particularly harmful to those in shelters or kennels. With Morris Animal Foundation funding, scientists at the University of Florida studied the prevalence of influenza virus infection in 34 shelters across six states. They also studied CIV’s relationship with other respiratory disorders, such as canine distemper virus (CDV) and kennel cough. This study provided valuable and previously unknown information regarding the most common causes of respiratory infections in dogs in shelters. Results showed that viruses, not bacteria, cause most respiratory infections in shelter dogs. The study also found that CDV, canine respiratory coronavirus and CIV are the most prevalent viruses, and dogs infected with these viruses are often infected with other viruses, such as canine herpesvirus. Scientists used a new diagnostic test that rapidly identifies the presence of seven different respiratory viruses. This new test allows for earlier detection during acute phases of respiratory infection so shelters can make more rapid management responses, thereby minimizing the spread of infection. The knowledge from this study can be used to develop more effective management strategies to control respiratory infections of dogs in shelters.

Dr. Cynda Crawford, University of Florida, D06CA-071

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Bionic Limbs for Pets!

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A British veterinarian has dedicated his life to helping pets with radical surgeries, i.e. cats with bionic limbs, hip replacements! Hopefully it will be just a matter of time before US veterinarians will get on board and still be affordable. In Britain it would cost $3000 for a cat to have two hind limbs replaced bionically. God willing, the price will stay somewhat affordable for us too.

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Introducing Scrappy Doo Rivera

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Meet Scrappy Doo Rivera, the newest member of my family. After losing Pork Chop in 2005, I didn’t think I could fall in love again and yet, here I go again!  Never say Never. Scrappy came to me as a foster, as a favor to my friend, Kelly (co-founder of  Paws of New England),

whose hubby was going to kill her (not really) if she fostered two dogs in addition to their own two. Kelly tells me he is a very cute puppy, about 7 months, found in a trailer park in Tennessee. She swore she could get him adopted quickly, since he was so cute and a puppy. I figured why not, 2 weeks and he will have a new home. I will pass it forward and help the little guy out.

What she failed to get through to me was how he was the most adorable, round eyed, big eared puppy on this living earth! So while I subconsciously fell in love with him, I still didn’t entertain the thought of keeping him. After a day with him, I quickly learned that he is an awesome pup. The kind most folks dream of, still i thought, someone out there will be lucky to have him.  He was leaping through the doggy door with reckless abandonment within a day. I thought, great, he is potty trained. While I was busy, he showed his independence, he found constructive, cute and fun ways to entertain himself. He will grab a stuffed toy, bone or simply relax on the couch. He played with every dog and boy does he love to play. Clients were in awe of his ears as I would mention how he was up for adoption. After two weeks, Kelly, apologies for not posting his adoption info yet. I felt sadness and without thinking mentioned “i think i want to keep him”. Scrappy Doo is now a Rivera! Kelly had taken her time to post his info for adoption, a very clever plan and one that I am utterly grateful for. He has been a true joy and a new love of my life. As a bonus he is the greatest host to our visiting canine companions!

While no one is perfect, neither is Scrappy, he is people shy. A problem I will help him get over by introducing him to as many people and experiences as I can.  Little does he realize his cuteness is his biggest problem, everyone wants to pet him, lol. He tends to bark with new folks, but is slowly approaching for a quick sniff n run and/or pet. His other weakness are raw hides. He loves raw hides, if there are 5 around the house, he is most comfortable when all 5 are in his view and/or under him! lol He is not rude or mean, he will not take it from another dog, simply stay a safe distance and wait patiently for the dog to tire of the bone. When that moment arrives, he springs into action and adds it to his collection. Mind you this isn’t every day, nor an obsession, it happens at various moments. As long as it does not cause a fight,  AND as long as the other dogs do get a chance to enjoy a bone, i will allow it.  After all, no one is perfect!

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