..to Pork Chop’s Way Blog. Pork Chop’s Way is a dog training, boarding and daycare company.

I started this business based on my relationship with my dog, Pork Chop. At the time I adopted pork chop, I was an undergraduate student working at a vet’s office. Lucky for me, he and his siblings were dropped off for adoption. He had an injury requiring that he stayed in the boarding section of the vets office. It was on a hard, cold concrete run were we first met and needless to say, there was an instant connection. I was a sucker for his big, round, gentle eyes, sweet nature and most importantly, pot belly.

I learned that the responsibility to adopt a dog meant more than affording the vet visits and food. It took time, consistency, repetition, patience and most of all dedication to grow our friendship. I was fortunate to be a student it gave me the flexibility, time wise, to potty train and take him on long walks. I couldn’t afford much but, a walk was always free. Pork Chop started as a leash dog and after two years he was solely off leash. Stopping at every corner, waiting when asked, stopping on command at the sight of a squirrel…lol. That was a tough one, he always made a run for those ever elusive squirrels. Thank god, he never caught one. He was my traveling and studying companion. He spent many nights at my side as I grappled with my Master’s thesis. I didn’t realize it then, but, my thesis work laid the foundation for my dog training philosophy.

Learning is universal and my study examined the effects of housing conditions on learning and behavior, with horses. The results showed, horses housed outdoors with the opportunities to socialize with other horses, adapted easier and quicker to the lessons and displayed less undesirable behaviors that hindered the overall training process. Their minds were more relaxed and receptive to learning overall. The same can be said for dogs and people. When was the last time you had cabin fever from being cooped up inside and had to focus on any one thing? Not an easy task.

For Pork Chop, there is no doubt in my mind that with every excursion, training sessions and our down time together he gained confidence, knowledge and the social skills to live in our world. I realize in today’s society, time is a valuable n limited commodity. That’s where I want to help. I want to help teach and entertain your companion while your busy at work or away. So that when you come home, you can practice, and /or relax and enjoy your time together whichever way you choose.5th birthday

Time is short, I am grateful for our 10 years together before cancer transcended him into a piece of my soul.

I look forward to helping improve your relationship with your dog. For your companion, I can provide him/her with life lessons, exercise, enrichment and of course, love. As their guardian, I hope to provide you with answers to your questions, a helping hand during the stressful times and techniques to improve or prevent unwanted behaviors that may trouble your family.


6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Love the site Elly. Good luck!

  2. Sheryl Rosenthal Says:


    Congratulations on getting your site up and running. I love seeing you and your buddies. I also appreciate “meeting” Pork Chop and learning more about you and your animal behavior philosophy.


  3. Nick Torres Says:

    To Whom It May be of Interest,

    I have known Elly now for over four years, and if you are interested in your dog(s) living life during the middle of day, weekday, on daily adventures, ask her to come fetch FIDO.

    Elly knows where to go, close to home and allow the wolves to fly freely in a safe environment the way God intended for his creatures to do so.

    Elly has the knack to connect with nature in such a manner that not even FIDO realizes what they have just experienced, nurturing their need for natural awareness.

    Pork Chops Way … is a great way for pup to maximize their day.

  4. Silvia Winegard Says:

    I really enjoyed your site, especially reading about Pork Chop, your beloved pet. I was wondering why your company name was “Pork Chop’s Way” Beautiful story and web site. I left you a message because I would like to help a friend with her dog. I’m not sure if it’s the correct fit, but would like to talk to you more about your services. Thanks, Silvia
    cell 301 651-1494 , home 301 476-7812. email swinegard@aol.com

  5. Matthew Cooper Says:


    Thank you so much for your efforts working with Nola! She is such a happier, better balanced dog now after having spent two weeks with you and the pack. We hope that Pancho has gotten over almost being a catahoula snack! Nol is doing great on her walks and runs with the gentle leader and she is interacting SOOO much better with our old girl Callie and with the family and neighbors in general. She is amazing now when we come across other dogs and neigbors out on the street and in the woods. She has also been able to actually play with other dogs and kids in the neighborhood without people being afraid that she was going to attack someone.

    She is a new dog and we cant thank you enough! We cant wait for our next follow up trip to the dogpark!


    Matthew and JoAnn

  6. Juan Carlos Vega Says:

    I have known Ely for 20 years. Her passion, commitment and drive to make dogs and humans live healthy happy lives are one of a kind. There is a chemistry between Ely and her four-legged canine friends that I have never seen before. If Ely is taking care or training your dog, I guarantee you will get quality service and care. She is soooo cool, she blows my mind!!!

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